Free Hosting and Domain Projects

They are the projects for purchasing a discounted domain through a bulk sale.
(1)They are bulk sales that will be done for the top-level domains such as Com, Net and Org.
(2)They provide the investor to get a gradual discount that is proportional to the amount that he/she made to materialize the project
(3)The RPJ support that is given by the investors for materializing the project is being locked until the project is completed.
(4)The completion time of the project can be accessed through the project details.
(5)With the completion of the project, the RPJ investment that is locked and the additional RPJ for giving support to the project is to be put into the investors' accounts.
(6)With the completion of the project, the RPJ amount for materializing is burned from the RPJ pool.
(a)The Advantages for the Investor
(i) He/she is provided to purchase a domain with a discount.
(ii) In addition to the amount that they paid to the investors who gave support for materializing the project, they are being refunded for the RPJs that are determined as a gift from the beginning.
(b) The Advantages for the Project
(i)The Organic Advertising
1.Space is created where the possible domain customers can purchase domains with the RPJ while making internet researches, and they can have information.
(ii) Providing New Investors
1.Through the organic advertising, participation of new investors is provided.


Projects Detail