Cloud Mining Projects

This method provides RPJ holders to mine different types of coins.
1. Investors can mine in proportion to the amount of RPJ investment they have made
2. Investors can choose the coin that he/she wants to mine
3. The RPJ token amount that they have invested for mining is locked until completion of the project
4. When the mining project period has been done, the investor will have the coins that he/she has been mined with the staking pool reward
5. The required amount of RPJ to realize the project will be burned in the RPJ pool
a. Advantages to Investor
i.Investors will be able to achieve passive income in proportion to the amount of RPJ amount they have invested to project pool
ii.In addition to the amount of RPJ which the investors have staked to project pools for supporting a project’s realization
process are refunded with the bonus RPJ reward that determined at the beginning.


Project details