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Real Projects Published on July 19th. First of all, 4 new projects are being implemented. You can buy the RPJ from Pancakeswap.

What is Real Projects?

Real Projects plans international and local projects with the help of surveys it provides to investors. Thanks to these surveys, it is aimed that investors from anywhere in the world will benefit from the project to be realized. In addition to listing Real Projects on many stock exchanges quickly, it seeks to be valued thanks to its unique algorithm. Investors who support Real Projects's agreements with brands and organizations can benefit from free services, products, or discounts depending on the amount of investment they have made. Real Projects investors, on the other hand, can benefit from the advantages of the projects at a discount through the mobile application or the website.

Real Projects Tokenomic

Real Projects Pool (Locked)

The amount of tokens that will be burned as Real Projects projects go live.

Real Projects

The total amount of Real Projects to be traded on exchanges.

Team (1 Year Locked )

The amount of coins reserved for the Real Projects Team. It is the amount that will remain locked for a certain period of time. It will then be distributed periodically.

Pre-Sale (To be distributed gradually)

Real Projects Pool
Real Projects PancakeSwap

Road map

Our roadmap that will be constantly updated regarding the publication of Real Projects and the implementation of projects.

June 2021

Creation of the Team

RPJ team has been established with team members experienced in their fields in many sectors..

Website and Social Media

- Creating a website with English and Turkish content for the promotion of RPJ.
- Preparation and publication of the White Paper.
- Opening social media accounts.


- The pre-sale infrastructure was integrated into the website.
- Advertising campaigns were launched for pre-sales.

Contract Preparation

- Contract Writing and Publishing
- Application for logo and site links

July 2021

Publishing Real Projects

- Release of Real Projects
- Locking of PancakeSwap Liquidity
- Locking of RPJ Pool
- Distribution of Team Tokens and 1-year non-sell guarantee

Project Infrastructure

- Coding Project Sub-Software
- Researching projects that can be done with the existing Pool
- Applications of Real Projects for Coin Markets

August 2021

Staking Software and Projects

- Stake Software Coding
- First Project Agreement Studies

Advertising Studies

- Creation of Advertising Network for Telegram
- Server supply for International Bulk Mail
- Advertising works of realized projects

Realization of First Projects

- Preparation of Existing Pool Projects
- RPJ Minning (Website, Mining System Installation)
- RPJ Stake (Website,Stake System Installation)
- RPJ Task (Website,Task System Installation)
- RPJ Hosting (Website,Hosting Installation)

September 2021

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